A Knock on Autumn’s Door

The last summer’s day

spent out of doors.

But the sky turned grey—

“No!” I implored.


The last day of freedom,

the last chance to breathe.

A yearlong we will wait

for a warm summer breeze.


A chill down my spine,

for goodbye it will be.

I will see you soon, though,

under the willow tree.


Its drapes will cool us, and

shade us from the sun.

And come midday,

we go out and run


Sprinting through the grass

with its long green blades.

The sun is now shining—

“Ah!” lunch at last.


They say our stages come in four tall towers.


The first is for farming,

the second is for gleaming,

for the third is for falling,

and the fourth is for dreaming.


Autumn is coming,

let’s run indoors.

For the leaves will catch us

if we stay outdoors.


Freida Kilmari is a writer and editor from southern England whose main passion is creating works of written art. She has six books being released in 2019, with her debut collection coming February 2019, called Man VS Happiness. You can follow her on all social media, including twitter, facebook, and Instagram.