Find Your Own Habits

In reading numerous works on the writing process and receiving advice from other writers based on their own personal writing habits, I have heard numerous renditions on what up-coming or potential writers must do to cross the threshold into actualized writers. These examples tend to take a dogmatic approach to the process. For example, an established writer will say one, absolute method exists in order to write, which usually just happens to be the method that particular writer uses. I disagree with this. Even if I find the advice helpful, I disagree with the necessity of strict adherence to any singular process.


Steven is left alone to go trick-or-treating on Halloween for the first time. As the night unravels, Steve finds himself trapped in a terror he may never escape.

A Knock on Autumn’s Door

The last summer’s day spent out of doors. But the sky turned grey— “No!” I implored.   The last day of freedom, the last chance to breathe. A yearlong we will wait for a warm summer breeze.   A chill down my spine, for goodbye it will be. I will see you soon, though, under... Continue Reading →


“I’m outside,” you say. And with the gleeful heart of a teenager, I climb through the front window of my empty house, Straight into your arms and into the night. The carnival had arrived and waited for our visit. The sparkle of lights bedazzled. The cotton candy melted on the tongue, just like sin. There... Continue Reading →

The Haystack

“I dare you to jump off the top,” we would say To whoever had turned up to play on each day. Billy, or Rosie, or Joseph, or Mike, The boy with the flag on the back of his bike, The two older boys whose names I don’t know, Who chased off the bully who bloodied... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Summer

Once Upon a Summer It hadn’t been as hot that day, not as all the days before We ran through the grass, our shoes forgotten at the door We turned on the hose and the let the yard flood With the sun on our backs, as we slay dragons in the mud We danced through... Continue Reading →

Crystalline Geo

Crystalline Geo, Planet 44 I executed an innocent citizen today. A Person of the Rock. A real nice gem, who worked hard out at the harbor by the Sea of Glass, hauling sand and harvesting shells. He paid his dues like any normal citizen in the city. Of course, I didn't flip the switch. I... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness Jar

Forgiveness Jar It’s morning, the sun barely winking through the gaps in the pine trees. My cold toes meet yours on the kitchen floor and the silence around us feels like another person. The coffee pot tries to speak, but stutters to silence as our power dies out. You sigh, but still kiss me, pull... Continue Reading →


The rain hadn’t let up for days now. It just threw itself relentlessly onto the streets and made it so you couldn’t read the neon signs; Gray had to get right up to close to a bar to see which one he was going in to. All the streets had that slick look. He couldn’t... Continue Reading →

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