As writers, we understand it can be difficult to find the best resources to improve and market our craft. There are so many options available, yet none are created equally.

Recognizing the struggle, Writing Bad has curated a list of our favorite writing software programs, freelance job boards, and writing services to make it easier for you.

Below is a list of affiliate businesses and partners that offer products and services we personally recommend.


Need help editing? Do commas confuse you? Then check out Grammarly. Improve the odds of your writing submissions being accepted by using top of the line editing software. Truly, this is The World’s Best Grammar Checker and every writer, editor, and publisher should have their hands on this.

Madhouse Books Publishing

Madhouse Books is a small, indie publisher specializing in publishing all forms of speculative fiction (fantasy, horror, magical realism, etc.). Madhouse Books frequently announces open calls to give both new and emerging authors and experienced authors a chance at publication. Be sure to check out their website for more information!


Are you still using Microsoft Word for your novel? If so, maybe it’s time to consider simplifying your life. Microsoft Word is fine for short stories and poems, but when you’re trying to write and organize a novel, you need a software program that can step up and take a load off your shoulders. That’s where Scrivener steps in. Scrivener is by far the favorite writing software of Writing Bad’s founder, Jade. It offers tools and resources to help you outline and brainstorm, while keeping all your notes and chapters organized and accessible in one place. Seriously, try it out! You can download a free trial here.


Made by the same makers of Scrivener, Scrapple is designed to help visual writers brainstorm and develop their ideas. Create a map of your story ideas so you can better see the connections necessary to create a more realistic and complex plot. You can view more information and download a free trial here.


Ever wish you had your own personal writing mentor and editor? I know I have, and now I do! ProWritingAid offers grammar and style checking, as well as in-depth reports to help you improve your writing. Not only that, they go above and beyond by also providing articles, videos, and quizzes to help you improve your grammar knowledge. Seriously, this is quality writing software that all writers should have. So what are you waiting for? Try ProWritingAid for Free!

Writer’s Work

Some writers may say the most difficult part about becoming a freelance writer is getting the gigs. But Writer’s Work makes it easier by offering training, an online portfolio, and tools to learn the ropes and get the job. Sign up for a Writers Work Account Today!

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