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Jade is the founder of Writing Bad. She has lived in many places, and so she struggles with the seemingly innocent question, “where are you from?” Being lost herself, Jade connects well with other lost souls and finds herself most comfortable in strange places with strange people. Due to this continued disconnection with reality, Jade has a fondness for all things fictional. She has lined her walls with bookshelves full of books of all sorts, to which she enjoys spending her time with more than anything or anybody else in the world, with just three exceptions: her man, her feline companion, and her son. As a writer, Jade has dabbled in just about every genre. She has written articles, creative fiction & nonfiction, and poetry. For more about Jade, visit her official website.



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Moose can usually be found sitting at his desk pounding away at a keyboard trying to explain to someone how important scenery and landscape are in writing or staring at the screen absentmindedly trying to put himself in someone’s world. Giddy screams of joy can be heard in the background as his children play with one another trying to drive his wife of ten years to the brink of insanity. He is currently reviewing a story while attempting to write his own. This is a daily occurrence for him.




Sam 1Jensen is a writer by night as she clings to the final bits of caffeine in her system after a day of wrangling her two young sons. An all-around nerd, she dabbles in numerous writing and reading genres. Her current WIP is an apocalyptic trilogy where she subjects her characters to the perils of a zombie outbreak. She edits and beta reads for friends when needed and loves to inspire others with quotes, messages, and ideas. For short stories, memes, and writing tips you can find her here: Author Jensen Reed