Welcome to Writing Bad

Writing Bad is a community organization designed to provide education, support, and resources to writers of all skill levels. We don’t believe in the concept of bad writing. We only believe in the concept of undeveloped writing. All writers have the ability to further develop their skills with practice, dedication, and perseverance. Whether you’re a beginning writer just getting started or an author with multiple publications, I assure you that there are resources within this site you’ll find useful.

Writing Bad started as a writing support group on Facebook, where we still continue to flourish. If you are not already a member, please join our Facebook groups for daily support!

We have two groups available for membership:

Writing Bad – Meet other writers of all skill levels. Receive and provide feedback and constructive criticism, or simply discuss the joy of writing. This is where it all began!

Writing Bad Promotions – Join to discover new and emerging writers, editors, publishers, and other businesses in the writing industry! Share and promote yourself or your own business too! It’s 100% Free, and always will be!

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