“I’m outside,” you say.
And with the gleeful heart of a teenager,
I climb through the front window of my empty house,
Straight into your arms and into the night.
The carnival had arrived and waited for our visit.
The sparkle of lights bedazzled.
The cotton candy melted on the tongue, just like sin.
There is no winter. No fall.
Spring had already fled my mind.
This was a season of bright lemonade,
And late nights.
Even the sun would stay out longer, just to see the sights.
The Ferris wheel makes me Queen of the lights.
Basking in my kingdom, high up in the clouds.
“Time to go.” He grabs my hand.
And all I can do is look back,
And say, “Until next year.”


Hyle Bathurst is a book-loving, coffee ingesting, daydreaming nerd. She has been an avid reader since she was in grade school and never imagined that she would gain courage enough to begin writing stories of her own. Now, as she cashes people’s checks and makes deposits throughout the day, she builds characters and worlds during the night. With the loving support of her almost-husband and her son, she continues to write and is working on her current book project Hollow.

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