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All writers have started off as non-writers, mucking through the muddy depths of head hopping, comma splicing, and purple prose. Through our early years, we learn through a mix of trial and error, feedback, and studying. Some of us make it, while others (maybe the smarter ones) throw in the towel and run to the hills, never to look back.

For those who have made it, or at least those who have made it far enough to have learned a few lessons, Writing Bad has an offer for you that will give you both the opportunity to expand your writing resume and to share your knowledge.

Writing Bad was founded to be a resource to writers of all skill-levels. Our goal is to offer resources to enable writers to further develop their knowledge and writing ability so that they may better achieve their writing goals. To do this, we publish writing advice articles on our website under the following categories: Prose, Poetry, and Marketing & Grammar.

We are seeking writing advice articles to publish on our website. The articles will be published under the author’s name (or pen-name, if they so choose), along with a short short author bio about the author. Author bios are allowed up to one external link to an author website or an author’s social media page.

Please closely review our below submission criteria before submission. Submissions that do not adhere to guidelines will not be considered. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us. Thank you!


WORD COUNT: 800 – 2,000 words

AUTHOR ELIGIBILITY: Must have a minimum of two published essays, stories, articles, and/or books.

AUTHOR COMPENSATION: Pays $0.01 cents USD per word (not including title, author name, or author bio; this only includes word count for actual article)




-Format manuscript in Classic Shunn Format

-Send your story as a Word (.doc or .docx) format attachment to

-Your document name must include the anthology name, your legal name, your pen name, and the article title.

-Your email subject should be “Article Submission – [Article Title] – [Pen Name]”

-The body of the email must state you are submitting an article submission for the website, the article’s title, the article’s word count, the author’s legal name, and the author’s pen name

-Please include a 100-150 word author bio (this may include up to one external link)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are making a submission to Writing Bad, please note our intention to produce top-quality web-content, books, and resources. We intend to showcase your work in its best form, and so each article, story, essay, or other form of writing accepted for publication will receive in-depth editing prior to publication. Our editing process will preserve the heart of your writing while increasing clarity and tension as well as ironing out grammatical errors. Final edits are always sent to the author beforehand for review before publication. We believe strongly in teamwork, and encourage our authors to offer counter-edit suggestions.

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