Author: Author Jensen Reed

Jensen Reed is a multi-published author, co-founder of Pixie Forest Publishing, lead admin for Writing Bad, mother to two, and married to her high school sweetheart. She dabbles in writing genres from horror to fantasy and more, but she really enjoys feeding characters to zombies and making readers cry. You can find some of her published works in anthologies such as Love Dust, Salty Tales, Fangs and Broken Bones, and The Flatwater Rises. Visit her on Facebook to stay up to date on all things PFP and zombie related.

On Getting Published

By Steve Carr

I can’t tell you how to write your short stories. That you’ll have to learn through all the other means available. But if you write short stories that are written well and have something to say creatively, then I may be able to help you get over the next hurdle of getting your short story published. If you’re not interested in getting published, or you’re one of the fortunate ones who have no problem getting your stories published, then feel free to get back to your writing instead of reading this. (more…)

Pixie Forest Publishing

Pixie Forest Publishing is an independent publishing house created with writers in mind. Founded in April 2018 by co-owners Donise Sheppard and Writing Bad’s lead admin Jensen Reed, its primary goal is to help authors get published while always being paid for their hard work. They hope to possibly branch into traditional publishing, and accepting novels, in 2019.

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Watch for their debut anthology, Love Dust: A sprinkling of love stories, on September 1st   featuring twelve stories from authors around the world, including both Donise and Jensen.

Battling the Block


Writer’s block.  Every writer has dealt with it at some point (Stephen King claims he hasn’t but I’m calling bull), and it can be a huge deterrent when it comes to expressing yourself and getting your stories out. I will touch on some of the main issues that cause writer’s block, but the focus of this article is to explain how to push past the block and to go over the strategies I’ve personally found to be beneficial to me. (more…)

Pouring Believable Qualities into Characters

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Giving Your Characters Believable Qualities

One of the most known rules for creating fictional characters is making them realistic. Besides their appearance and actions, how can you achieve this? You need them to have personalities that are consistent, a story that’s interesting and easy to follow along, and one or two qualities that add to their character and make them stand apart from the others. (more…)

Casting and Creating Unforgettable Secondary Characters

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It may be the salty aired beach or a long-ago molten path on a dormant volcano that brings us into the story, and the main characters who introduce themselves and take the reader by the hand for the journey. However, without secondary characters, the story wouldn’t get far. Main characters can’t be everywhere at once, even though they are the main focus in stories. There’s no way for them to gain every tidbit of knowledge they need without the help of their comrades. That’s why writers should never forget the importance of creating and casting unforgettable secondary characters.