Once Upon A Summer

Once Upon a Summer

It hadn’t been as hot that day, not as all the days before
We ran through the grass, our shoes forgotten at the door
We turned on the hose and the let the yard flood
With the sun on our backs, as we slay dragons in the mud
We danced through the hollows, sticks for swords at our sides
Every injury was met with laughter, nothing soiling our pride
We battled until breathless, then made sludge pies as a feast
We laughed at each other and with every elf, faerie and beast
No curfew but the fireflies, that circled our heads like a crown
Adventures were aplenty, when our imaginations were around
The freedom of summer, it’s smell so salty and so sweet
No school to remember, no annoying rules meant to be beat
When the darkness loomed and cloaked us well
We let the flames of the campfire, inspire a story to tell
Whispers of tales of vengeful spirits and ghosts
Were heard on deaf ears, while we watched our marshmallows roast
It’s not that hot today, just like that day once before
I look at my children and leave my shoes by the door
We will have our own adventures, until the day is done
Just like all those summers, back when I was young.

Melissa Sell is the author of Writers’ Edge and the Chronicles of Fey trilogy. She is not a stranger to fantasy as she is a certified Whovian. She and her husband are the proud parents of four crazy kids and many fur babies. Catch her new releases and sneak peeks on her website www.melissawillissell.com

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